Ramadan Day 1

Soooo when you wake up to eat before the sun comes up and you drink one glass of water and you feel like that’s enough, it’s really not. I should have forced myself to drink three. I have just under two hours to go til iftar and I’m premeditating a mixture of iced tea and lemonade. I went to Meijer to buy the lemon juice and I see my son Bilal works there. We had a good conversation. He’s a good kid despite it all. And I told him I had the exact same job at the exact same Meijer when I was 19. He was like NO WAY! And I was like yeah that’s where I was working when I was AWOL from the Marine Corps and he was like WHY WERE YOU AWOL FROM THE MARINE CORPS!!?? and I was like we really need to have some conversations.

Ah, an hour and 40 minutes left.

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