Horrible Dream!

No politics, no pool blog today. This dream I had yesterday was just awful:

I’m at park on a summer day and somebody hands me a baby. It’s an extremely tiny baby, a preemie in fact. It’s so small, I have trouble holding it because I’m afraid I’m going to drop it. I hold it up to my chest and it strarts wriggling and it must be hungry because it’s going for my neck. Twin punctures on my neck and I’m like WTF? I pull the baby off my neck and look and he’s got these tiny vampire teeth that look like the ends of catfish bones. And there are tiny bits of blood on the teeth.

The baby Dracula starts wriggling some more and it’s going for my neck (I swear I had no idea I was going to have this dream when I wrote my ‘Dracula Boy’ blog the other day.) The little monster bites me again and his Dracula teeth fall out like little dentures. I look at him again and he smiles with a whole new set of Dracula teeth.

This little MF is gonna suck all my blood out and I can’t throw him because that’s socially unacceptable. I don’t have a crucifix or a wooden stake so I decide to see if making the sign of the cross on him will kill him or at least cure him of that bitin’ shit. I look around to make sure no one sees because Muslims aren’t supposed to make the sign of the cross but all bets are off because this is a Dracula we’re talking about. I make the sign of the cross on his forehead but it has no effect. Dammit!

I look around to see if I can make an escape but everywhere I look there are women with strollers who are in the damn way. I despair. There seems to be nothing I can do. I resign myself to the fact that baby Dracula is going to keep bleeding me dry, at least he turns 18.

And people say dream interpretation is difficult!

7 Responses to “Horrible Dream!”

  1. THE "D" says:

    This could be interpreted as representing any marriage or relationship. Don’t misunderstand me I know there are great relationships I am just talking about most of them. The way the woman is cute and cudly at the beginning and then you find out she is a blood sucking SKANK!!!! Dirty Skank! I believe my ex still has a little piece of a broken Dracula tooth in my ass to this day. The only thing that would stop her was a big piece of Pie or Cake or any other edible delight.

    That is how I read that one buddy!!!

  2. Mexigogue says:

    Sindu’s for lunch in the Hanna plaza. . . INdian food. . . . daaaaaaaamn!

  3. THE "D" says:

    I am going to hit that place this week if I don’t go out in the field the rest of the week.

  4. Mexigogue says:

    I ate so much. .. . the lady next to me can see a buch of ZZZZZZZZZZZs floating over my cublicle.

  5. munchette says:

    you might want to spend some time in an Asylum

  6. Mexigogue says:

    822 Clayton? Been there!

  7. I’m glad I just dream about sex.