Wait, what??

I only posted 3 blog posts last year? Seriously?? I mean, I knew I wasn’t writing much due to the fact that I’m busy doing actual work instead of being employed by State government but damn. Actually I don’t think it has much to do with being busy or not. I don’t shoot pool anymore, I don’t do karaoke, I don’t write anymore either for myself or for others. I have political opinions, of course, but I don’t care to attempt to sway the opinions of others. If I do attempt a persuasive argument it’s simply for practice and I don’t even care to publish it.

My Arabic is coning along nicely and that’s something I do solely for me. I had a conversation with an Iraqi guy the other day completely in Arabic. I asked where he was from. He said Baghdad. I told him I study Arabic. He asked where I was from. I said I was Mexican from America. I asked if he and his friends were refugees. He responded in the affirmative. I asked when he had arrived in the US. He said he had been here for three years. It was at that point that the bus tires began spinning in the snow in an attempt to move forward. I said “Welcome to America.” He was giving me the side eye the whole time. I didn’t care. I wasn’t speaking to him for his benefit. For me it was just practice (queue Allen Iverson “practice??” quote in the background.

I’ve cooked many things for my coworkers at work including, but not limited to, Indian food, oliveburgers, burritos, chili, fettacini alfredo (sp?) among other things but the other day I had to open and I really just felt like having pancakes so I thought a non stick pan and a spatula from Meijers along with white flour, eggs, and syrup. All the other ingredients we had at work and once I made the first batch I was like hell yeah it’s on. I posted a picture of pancakes and eggs to my FB page and the Iraqi guy and Marissa were like what the hell, why he do this when we ain’t at work yet? By the time they got to work my boss Sarah and I had eaten the first batch and they had to wait until an afternoon lull before I made some more. And with that I’m about to hit ‘post’ because I’m just making myself hungry. I ain’t even gon’ edit.

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