Situational Contingencies, Multiple Variations of Truth

“Is it bad if you took an online personality disorder test and you flagged for, like 5 different personality disorders?” I asked a coworker.

“What? But you don’t have a personality disorder!”

I will give you, dear reader, a full two minutes to finish laughing. Five if you know me in real life. Let me know when you’re done.

All right, at any rate my point is that human nature is such that the way we present ourselves to others is dependent upon context. The way I interact with coworkers is different from the way I am when shooting pool, I’m another way when dealing with close family members and even then the way I act with them is contingent upon my relationship with each one of them. It used to be thought there was one true self above which there are multiple masks, different faces that we portray to the world. It is now thought there are only masks, masks, and more masks which is to say there is no one true self. There are a multiplicity of truths.

Back to my coworker and her opinion of me. She thinks I’m nice and I am nice at work. I’m not faking it, I work with an assortment of pleasant people and even if I didn’t my work ethic is such that I think that one should conduct. . . Dammit, here is where the shift in language away from male centered phrasing makes this difficult. I can’t say one should always conduct himself professionally or I’ll be called misogynist. ‘Itself’ is just wrong because people are not things. . . well, most people. Strippers are things but that is neither here nor there. I won’t say ‘one should always conduct ones self’ because that is simply unwieldly and if there is one thing I don’t do it is to product awkward and or obtuse phrasing in order to cater to special interest groups, especially in regards to works that are primarily intended for my own use. I also don’t engage is pendantic epistles, stream of consciousness harangues for no purpose whatsoever, or devolve into meaningless diatribes against imaginary enemies at the expense of my original point. I shall not have it!!! Do you understand??

What was my original point. Oh yeah, like I’m saying, I’m back. Well maybe, sort of.

Wanna rethink that personality disorder thing? 😀

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