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I pretty much stopped blogging when I stopped working in a State office. When I was a slave to my cubicle blogging was a welcome respite from the hum-drum of data entry, computer troubleshooting, or whatever it was I used to do. Then for years I had all the time in the world but what’s the fun of blogging when you can be wiping in WoW raids or playing America’s Army? I pretty much stopped writing altogether although I would still scan current events in search for bloggable material. Alas, nothing really struck me mostly because although I still found subjects for which I held strong beliefs, I hardly cared to attempt to sway public sentiment. I got my public library card in good standing and spent time reading various books and learning Arabic for fun.

Along the way I’ve lost the audience I used to have which is a blessing in disguise. At the height of my blog’s popularity with my small coterie of other bloggers and random commenters my posts came to be less about serious subject matter and I reverted to being the class clown. I began to self edit in order to not offend the political sensibilities of the myriad types that frequented my blog and that became the deathknell for true self-expression. Now that no one reads this blog anymore it seems I can say what I really think because pretty much no one else is going to read this but me unless someone happens upon this blog my accident by googling pictures of Amy Lee. So what is it that I really think?

I don’t desire the kinds of things that others find so important. I desire only enough money to not have to worry about the exigencies of life. I don’t have or want a car. It’s too much trouble, they always break down, I don’t know how to fix cars. I don’t care to learn. Cars interest me about as much as blenders. It’s cool if one is available but I can live without one. I finally (and reluctantly) got a cell phone this year so I would be locatable in case I’m needed for a surprise shift at work. It’s a very basic and archaic cell phone. I don’t want a nicer one. If I had more money I would buy a new computer. That’s about the extent of what I desire materialistically. I’m not ascetic. I don’t think materialism is a moral failing, I just don’t care that much for things. I love my kids and I want them to love me too.

I like working and being proficient at what I do. I like the people I work with although I don’t talk to them too much. At one point I started telling some of the more outrageous stories of stuff that has really happened to me like the subject matter in my “the day that” category and they thought I was hilarious. Then I stopped telling those stories because I was aware that many of those stories are hard to believe and I didn’t want them to think I was making stuff up. Once I was drinking with a co-worker and I began speaking in the manner in which I blog. My co-worker told me to stop using big words so I reverted to speaking in a more normal fashion. I wasn’t even using really tough words either. I think I used the words “malignant” and “conversely”. One would have thought I was speaking in braille.

I like working at the middle eastern restaurant. The other day I invented my own sandwich with garlic sauce, onions, chicken kabob, basmati rice, and fetta cheese. This customer was all like “ooh I want one of those!” We made her one even though that particular combination is not on the menu. That was win.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Any joint that says, “sure, we have all the stuff to make what you want, but we won’t because it ‘is not on the menu'” is a place that I would never go back to again.

    Being that kind of person, it turns out that unless you are eating corporatized fast food all the time, that’s really not a problem. You just have to agree with them on what the charge will be. (On that one I would guess the kabob plate comes with rice, sauce is a no big deal, so charge the kabob plate and maybe another side.)

  2. fatimah23 says:

    ya salaam Aki: I find this post very interesting. I also have a cheapy cellphone which sits in my drawer; I barely use it. It bothers me people can be tracked because they have cellphones on them. I think the digital age is taking away a lot of our personal rights, disguising that fact under the guise of “technology”. I resent that I am forced to buy things I don’t want – and that companies are creating artificial markets. I live in a big city so I don’t own a car – hallelujah! I think you should think what you want to think. Write about it and don’t worry about an audience. The audience will come. But it will be an audience that appreciates you and what you have to say. wa’salaam Fatimah

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