An Aligning of the Stars

There have been times in my recent history when life has dealt me setback after calamity in such short order that I assessed my situation and was compelled to ask myself what have I done to deserve this? I’m basically a good guy or at the very least I can say I’m not malevolent so I can say that when people act with ill-will against me I’m honestly stymied. Sometimes, however, the ball bounces the other way and I’m happy to report that I’ve been the beneficiary of a string of blessings, one after the other recently, that have stunned me to humility and again I find myself asking what I have done to deserve this. It is my general inclination to work hard, avoid confrontation, and hope for the best which of course should yield good results but the latest, the fact that I have finally reconnected with my youngest son Bilal, leaves me at a loss for words. They literally have not yet invented the words for me to express have I feel.

This blog has fallen into disuse and is virtually unread as of late so it doesn’t matter that I have broken a cardinal rule of my own which is that I don’t mention family members by name here. The official particulars of why I hadn’t seen my youngest two in such a long time I will not get into other than to say the reasons were primarily financial and geographical. I will say that I’m extremely pleased to see that Bilal types grammatically and intelligently and that he seems to have manifested the best attributes of both of his parents.

Whatever drama or grievances that existed between his mother and me are entirely irrelevant, pointless memories from a bygone era. What matters now is that, deservedly or not, I seem to have been given a chance to claim something utterly invaluable that I once thought was lost to me forever. In my darkest moments I cursed my fate, wallowed in emotional anguish, and wondered WTF? Now, as things have quickly and inexplicable seem to have turned around, I praise the heavens, smile at the stars and again wonder WTF?

(See, I told you the words hadn’t been invented yet)

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  1. fatimah23 says:

    Make your salat on time, if possible. Go to your mosque. Go to the Jummah prayer on Fridays. Follow what Allah asks of you. Make Dua for your son, and make Dua for your wife, also. When your forehead is on the ground during sajdah, ask anything you want of Allah. Make friends with people who share your values. Avoid negative people and situations. Pay attention to details. Everything adds up.

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