Arabic Nasheed

If I ever become a boxer I’m going to have them play this song by Raghuda Al Wazzan (رغودة الوزان) with Toyor al Jannah (طويور الجنة) when I walk into the ring. In studying Arabic from home, I’ve started from the ground up which means I started with books and videos on the Arabic alphabet, basic verbs, and now I’m up to children’s level language. I need help from someone who speaks and writes Arabic because there are some parts of this song I’m either not hearing correctly or which may in fact be regional dialect or slang. I don’t actually need a translation (as I can do this myself) or transliteration (unnecessary because I can read and write Arabic), I simply need the lyrics typed out in Arabic script. Any help I can get in this regard would be greatly appreciated and I would be eternally grateful.

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