I’m about sick of these Catholics in the office having a panic attack every time I say “JESUS CHRIST!” just because it’s Lent. Number one, they insist that I’m blaspheming. I say I’m not. I’m just saying ‘Jesus Christ’ and if that’s blasphemy then we need to ban the freaking Bible. They say I’m not using it in the same way the Bible uses it and I insist that, given that we never heard the Bible in its original form, how can we be sure the entire thing wasn’t saracastic? Ok, that last part may be grasping at straws but dammit I know my intent when I say what I say and I despise that anyone else has the nerve to tell me what I really mean.

I mean, I’m all for religious freedom and all but these are people who truly believe they’re drinking blood and eating flesh every Sunday and they have the nerve to lecture me on ethics??? I say they’re free-speech quashing hatemongers! Jeezimy H. Cricket, I don’t know what to do about this! I don’t bother them if they eat six bags of pork rinds during Ramadan but suddenly I’m suppposed to adopt their worldview because it’s Lent??? F that, I have a hard enough time living up to my own ethics (and if you think it’s easy, then YOU try living up to the credo of a Mexican Muslim ex-wanna be player with Libertarian leanings. Every three days I get the urge to bomb MYSELF!!)

You know what, screw this, I have work to do. If they don’t like my language, they can just go to purgatory or go bomb an abortion clinic for all I care. I’m out. Nobody reads blogs on Friday nights anyway. Tomorrow I’ll write something more relevent. Peas!

3 Responses to “CHEESE-US CRIES!!!”

  1. Phelps says:

    Mmmm. Pork rinds.

  2. DonJosé says:

    “Nobody reads blogs on Friday nights anyway.”

    Damn. I’ve been outed.

  3. Mr. Scott says:

    Saw your self-pimping in the INTJ mailing list (the mention of Google and muslim in the same vicinity attracted me like sugar water attracts cheese, or something thereabouts). I’ve read maybe two entries but I’ve made up my mind: I like it. Especially this particular rant about the catholics (I have similar rant about Christians in general. Like a good muslim, I’m sure to use the Bible against them–it makes it so easy, could you clame me?).

    Spelling errors and/or fallacious reasoning are the result of keyboard malfunction, not me.