Last night I got home after pool league play a little after midnight and I suddenly had the desire to call my ex-wife. I hadn’t talked to her in nearly a year but I dialed her Detroit number from memory. I spent four years of my life with her and she’s the mother of my favorite child Bilal (yes, I know I’m not supposed to have a favorite but that’s asking the impossible). I didn’t know if she’d be up but sure enough she picked up the phone sounding bright and friendly, effervescent even. “Hello?” she chimed.


She never calls me, so I had to make my own opportunity to hang up on her.

In other news a white police officer was given a suspended sentence and probation for shooting a black man who was spread-eagle and lying face down at the time. It’s nice to know that justice will be done. What do you get for killing a Mexican? A $50 fine?

Losing grip on reality. . . . lost will to blog. . . . must drink coffee. . . or die.

4 Responses to “Nostalgic”

  1. Phelps says:

    That article was pretty sketchy. I think it is telling that the jury initially rejected the murder charge, and the appeals court said that more evidence supporting the cop should have been given to the jury (rather than against him.) I haven’t seen if he said that he intended to fire. It could have been a negligent discharge. They said that he had his foot on the guy’s back. If you have your finger on the trigger (a giant no-no if you don’t plan to shoot but one cops do all the time) and you have a force act on your leg (like the perp trying to shove the cop’s foot off his back) then you will reflexively (as in, not under conscious control) contract your hand, and that will pull the trigger. That makes it a stupid, preventable, negligent error (like the jury found) but it doesn’t have anything to do with murder or the perp being black.

    We had something similar to that sort of scenario happen here in Dallas not too long ago. Cop was going to a door with her finger on the trigger, owner opens the door right as she is putting her off hand on the door, door shoves off hand, reflexive contraction of the strong hand. Conclusion: one dead homeowner, shot by accident through her own back door.

    I have this question for you: If the cop was black and the perp was white, would you still be this mad?

  2. Mexigogue says:

    No. If the cop was black and the perp was white I’d be giggling like a schoolgirl. Seriously though, the only reason I mention race is that people of color tend to get shot by cops way more often than white folks. And dammit it smarts like a sumbitch. I mean ok, it was funny the first hundred years or so. . haha. But enough’s enough. I demand that they start shooting everybody equally. Then we can all laugh it off together in the hospital room. Nawm sayin’?

  3. Phelps says:

    Most cops are still white. A disproportionate number of perps are colored — strike that — people of color. Law of averages.

  4. Mexigogue says:

    According the Bureau of Justice Statistics , the black prison population outnumbers the white prison population rougly 3 to 1. So for your explanation to hold up, the death by cop race ration should also be roughly 3 to 1. But if you watch the news. . . it’s not, is it? Not even close.

    Something other than numbers is at work here. And of course, accidents do happen. But when you flip a coin and it consistently comes up tails 90% of the time. . . it begins harder to argue these are just accidents.