American Jizya

The US Supreme Court today upheld the Obama Administration’s health care reform, not under the commerce clause as was argued by proponents of the law, but as a tax. The short explanation is that the government is not deemed to be able to force individuals to buy insurance but they are allowed to force individuals to pay the exact same amount they would have paid if they had been forced to buy insurance. This brings to mind the Islamic concept of jizyah wherein non Muslims who live in Islamic lands are exempt for having to pay the zakkat (religious tax) but rather are required to pay the jizyah which is the same amount as the zakat, it is only given a different name so that Muslims can claim no compulsion in religion. In both cases money is taken from the people under threat of force. Everything else is just semantics.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Breaking: Eric Holder says Fast & Furious was a “tax”

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