Casey Anthony Video Diary Log Part I.

This is the first in what I intended to be a multi part series about Casey Anthony. As most of you probably already know, Casey Anthony released a video diary log on youtube. Many people are absolutely offended at this development and I’m writing this in order to confront her many detractors.

Point 1: Attacking Casey Anthony does not make you a good person

Many of the people who are impelled to attack Casey Anthony do so under the misguided notion that to attack someone else’s morality somehow does something to elevate their own moral standing. It does not. Whatever shortcomings, flaws, idosynchracies, and negative attributes you may have as a person, these are not ameliorated one bit by your criticism of Casey Anthony. The self righteous feeling you get from attacking others is a fool’s gold and at the end of the day, when all your onlining flaming is done you still have to live with yourself.

Point 2: Unless your name is Casey Anthony, you do not know what happened to Caley

You may think you know but the facts do not support your presumptions. Contrary to popular belief, chloroform is not necessary to murder a toddler and in all likelihood it was probably used to render the child unconcious so that Casey could go to the club. This does not make Casey a candidate for mother of the year but neither does it support a charge of murder. If this theory is correct it is a moral infraction that goes right along the lines of parents who give their kids over the counter medications when they’re not sick for the sole purpose of making them go to sleep. In fact, the worst thing you can say for certain about Casey Anthony is that she failed to report her daughter’s death in a timely manner. As crimes go, that is a pretty minor one and, given that she’s served four years already, I would say her debt to society has been paid.

Point 3: Casey Anthony is good looking and has a nice rack!

These are almost entirely beside the point except for that fact that I think it helps fuel some of the rage against her. Many people and chicks especially really enjoy piling on when good looking women threaten their self esteem. This is not something I just made up, it’s been document by numerous studies, some of which I may link later if people press the issue (I regard this fact as nearly a foregone conclusion but I will back it up with documentation if I have to.)

I will continue this thread at a later time after hearing counter-arguments which I expect will be forthcoming. More to come as the situation develops.

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