BG Ding

The cool part about this screenshot isn’t the final kill to death ration in battlegrounds, it’s the fact that this is the the one that gave me enough xp to ding to level 80 AND I did so by capping two horde flags to help us overcome a huge point disparity in the last minute. In fact the last flag assaulted was by me at the horde farm where I stealthed in and took the flag amid about 5 hordies who didn’t even notice me assaulting the flag because they were too busy dancing, then when thy tried tried to take it back I killed two hordies before being overcome but by then it was too late for them and, due to some heroics by someone else on another part of the map, we won. This is the third toon I’ve leveled to 80 but the first time I accomplished the task in a form that is worthy of blog mention. This was the coolest thing that has ever happened to anyone in the history of anytime! 😀

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