Personal Bias and Objectivity

When I first saw news articles and blogs that were comparing Serena Williams’ meltdown at the US Open with Kanye’s antics I was incensed. The two are not at all comparable, I thought, and I resolved to write about it. Let me preface this by saying that I am biased in favor of Serena Williams. I once had a co-worker who said both of the Williams sisters were ugly. Not at all, I said. Everybody knows Venus is the ugly one, even Venus knows that. Serena is absolutely beautiful in an NFL linebacker kind of way. Once when McDonalds was having a contest where you could peel off a tab on your drink to see if you won a car, 2nd place was a trip to hang out with the Williams sisters. I ate breakfast at McDonalds every day for a month and if I would have won the car I would have traded with whoever it was that won second place. Then when meeting the Williams sisters I would have immediately sent Venus to go do something else. That’s just the way it is.

Anyway to me Serena’s outburst was more understandable. I am in no way claiming that she was in the right to go off on the line judge the way she did but I can see how, in the heat of an important match, a player’s anger spill over at a referee for making a questionable call at such a critical part of the game (I say questionable because I haven’t found video so that I can determine one way or another whether she was really guilty of a foot fault). I think most sports fans can relate to being angry at referees at some point, it’s even become something of a national pastime. I even heard of one case of a contestant on Jeopardy solving a puzzle incorrectly once as “Kill the Umpire” (the correct phrase was “Kill the Vampire”). While I cannot defend Serena’s words or actions in the aforementioned incident, I can at least say I understand the impetus for her actions.

Unfortunately for me, the more I examined Kanye’s incident I was forced to admit that it’s very much the same thing. In both cases you have people who disputed the judges. In both cases the person who was angry acted incorrectly and in both cases they apologized and accepted responsibility afterward. The only distinction I can make is that Kanye’s beef was stupider because he was disputing a subjective judgment (how can one really say one person’s video is better?) whereas Serena’s dispute involved something that should be provable one way or the other. I think it’s dumb to argue over something subjective. And FYI Kanye, Beyonce’s “Put a Ring On it” is not “the greatest video of all times”. If the soundtrack were turned off you might have a case but, as submitted, no (it’s the most annoying song on my itunes). And while we’re at it, how is that the same woman who sang “Independent Woman” also sang a song called “Can You Pay My Bills”??? You’re confusing me Beyonce, plus Serena Williams can beat you up.

In summation, I must acknowledge that my personal bias is a big part of why I’m not as critical of Serena as I am at Kanye. Objectively speaking, both are guilty of bad action. I still hold that Kanye should not be allowed at award ceremonies in the future though because this is, I believe, the THIRD time that he’s stormed the stage and taken somebody’s microphone away. I like how he started the other day by telling Taylor Swift “I’m not taking anything away from you.” Yes you are dumbass, you’re taking the microphone away. What an idiot!

P.S. I don’t think Obama was at all hurt politically by the comment coming out where he called Kanye a jackass. I think it may have even helped him.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Yep, I can’t even do an a > b thing, because they aren’t even comparable. Serena got worked up in the heat of a physical sport. You’ve got all sorts of endorphins running, you’re in a live competition, there’s lots of extenuating circumstances.

    Kayne is just a fucking idiot with no home-training.

  2. Kristin says:

    “Beyonce, plus Serena Williams can beat you up”

    mmmmm Beyonce is from Houston. H-town girls are known for being pretty with a bite. I think Bey could hold her own. Matter of fact I would be willing to place good money on it.

  3. mexi says:

    You are sooooooo lucky I can’t arrange for them to fight.. .. I would take all your monies!!!!

  4. Phelps says:


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