Health Insurance

Health Insurance is gambling. When you buy health insurance (whether directly or indirectly as when your employer pays for health insurance for you) you are basically betting that you’re going to get sick. The insurance company is betting that you’re not and then you ante up. If the period of your coverage goes by and you did not require medical attention you basically lost the bet. If you get head cancer or something similar, then you are the lucky winner and you get the payout in the form of payment for lots of medical care. In this form of wager, the insurance company is “the house” and you know the odds are stacked in their favor because they live in a nice house. If you’ve ever walked up in there and looked around, you probably whistled in amazement and wondered where the money came from to build such a house. It came from people like you who lose money by betting that they will get sick and then they don’t and the house rakes in their chips.

Is this blog entry a tirade against the insurance companies? Of course not. I like gambling just as much as the next man (presuming the next man is someone who bursts into tears after losing a $5 bet). I only point it out because many people nowadays are advocating the idea that health insurance should be available to those with pre-existing conditions. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of and here is why: how is the house supposed to be able to make any money if they let gamblers in who bring in their own cards? That is basically what a pre-existing condition is in the insurance world, it’s trying to get in with cards up your sleeve. Tell me, if those people are allowed to run rampant and financially bring the house down, what is going to happen to YOU if you happen to win your bet and you get hit in the face by a train after no money is left? Do you think Mr. and Ms. High Rolling Pre-existing condition are going to break off any of their bling for you when YOUR number comes up? No. Don’t advocate for health reform if it means allowing people in the casino with cards up their sleeves. If you want to ruin gambling, do it the old fashioned way by fixing a boxing match. That is all.

2 Responses to “Health Insurance”

  1. Kristin says:

    mmm, yeah. Like my granny say’s “keep living”.

  2. R says:

    Well, seeing as how the insurance companies are employing their version of card counting – which is illegal – we can call it even, can’t we?

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