The Logical Conclusion

In any nation that holds the good of society to be the highest standard, the individual ceases to be seen as a valuable entity worthy of basic rights and protections. We have seen this in theocratic totalitarian regimes like Iran, we have seen it in fascist governments like Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and now we see it in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. The shutting down of radio stations for political dissent is not a case of Chavez misapplying collectivist philosophy, it is the logical result of a doctrine that does not place an intrinsic value on the individual as such. Question: How can you claim to be working for the good of everyone when your government does not uphold the rights of any one?

In collectivist societies (both on the right and on the left), speech is suppressed when is deemed a threat to the government which purports to work on behalf of The People. But when a government suppresses its own people in order to protect them, what is there left to protect or better yet, who can be said to require protection from whom? As we speak “A Special Bill Against Media Crimes” is being considered by the Venezuelan government. Can anything else be more chilling than this?

Humankind cannot be treated like this, especially when the past century has already shown us the errors and excesses of collectivist governments. I, for one, hope that the people of Venezuela find a way to extricate themselves from this present tyranny. Down with collectivism, down with Hugo Chavez, and down with any government that regards individuals as subjects who exist for the sake of the government!

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  1. Kristin says:

    Mexi sometimes it is at the moment I have been cranking out 15-25 page papers every 5 weeks for the past couple of months. All the excess writing has destroyed any desire I have for writing for the fun of it. Come back after the 14th of August.

    And if you are the argumentative type I am sure you could find something to argue about electrolysis.

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