Double Standard

Riddle me this: why is this cartoon depicting a US President as a monkey considered racist whereas this is not? Because people treat the two differently based on the race of the person being mocked. And that double standard is, of course, racist.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Trick question. The first one doesn’t have anything to do with the president except in the delusions of black people who think that everything is about them.

  2. mexigogue says:

    Right, but even if you concede that it’s about Obama for the sake of argument it’s still a double standard that presumes it’s ok to compare white people to chimps while making it a racial no-no to do the same to black people.

  3. faye says:

    luckily I watched “The View” to learn I was supposed to be offended… you make the right point 🙂

  4. The only person who should be offended by the first cartoon is Nancy Pelosi. She oversaw the writing of the bill; ergo, she is a chimpanzee.

  5. mexigogue says:

    You avoid the obvious that a chimp could be offended to be compared to Nancy Pelosi.

  6. Jenn says:

    Do it! And then add me @jennsreverie

  7. student says:

    I imagine a cartoon randomly depicting bush as a cracker would indeed be called racist.

  8. mexi says:

    This may come as a shock to you but not every allusion to chimpanzees and monkeys is about black people. My grandfather used to refer to me as a monkey because I used to climb on the furniture and I’m not black at all. Usually when someone is referred to as a monkey it’s because that person is displaying behavior traits associated with monkeys. I suppose you think Planet of the Apes was a commentary on black culture. How very sad for you.

  9. Alorina says:

    You, Bush, and even Nancy Pelosi should know by now that it’s considered racist for white ppl to make fun of African Americans, or really anyone for that matter, because whites ARE in fact racist pieces of shit who had anyone who looked or thought diffrently then themselves working on plantations as slaves til the civil war. It’s thin ice.
    I suppose this might not be the same, but when Michael Jackson was rushed into the hospital following a heart attack and then died on the watch of some random white doctor who happened to be on call that night, that doctor would have gotten less flak from the media if he was black, or the famous dead guy in question was white (not Michael white, but white).

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