Analogy Taken Too Far

John McCain’s camp is complaining that Governor Palin has been going rogue. That’s their characterization, not mine. It’s funny because I mentioned a few weeks ago that I didn’t think we were seeing the real Sarah Palin, which is understandable given that when she was tapped for the VP position her job was to appeal to the more conservative element of the republican party and to play a supporting role to John McCain’s tank. In a word, provide DPS.

Anyway, McCain’s advisers are claiming that Palin has been going off message as of late during the campaign. I’m not sure that’s such a terrible thing at this point as the campaign needs a jump start and I disagree with the summation that she’s more concerned with her own political future than she is with this election. I think the problem is that John McCain is tanking as a holy pally when he really would have better served himself as a feral druid so Palin is desperately trying to pull aggro so he can heal himself before election day. Either that or everybody just runs out and ports out for repairs which I don’t think is a good strategy because the election is still within reach at this point.

I’m losing my analogy. What’s the best 2v2 partner for a subtlety rogue???

This is the concluding statement of this blog entry.

2 Responses to “Analogy Taken Too Far”

  1. Phelps says:

    Palin keeps pulling aggro. Then again, she should have been the tank to start with and McCain should spend his time chumming with the hordies at xroads and loling on barrens chat.

    Best 2V2 with hemo rogue would probably be resto drood.

  2. Anglo says:

    I think there’s two different ideas of how to run things in the republican camp. irreconcilable difference. A house divided between itself can’t stand or something. And they’re not even in office yet!

    Think its time for mccain to /gkick and start LF1M

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