You Gotta Be Kidding

Lionel Richie’s wife is claiming that she and her husband spent in excess of $20,000 a month in her gold digging expedition seeking spousal support in their divorce proceedings. Among other things, the article claims that:

Diane Richie, in a written declaration published on the Smoking Gun Web site (, said her monthly expenses include $15,000 for clothing, shoes and accessories, $3,000 for “dermatology” and $1,000 for laser hair removal.

The 37-year-old mother of two, who filed for a divorce in January, said that each month she spends $600 on hair, $250 on nails, $150 on electrolysis, $450 on facials, $500 for her trainer and $600 each on Pilates, massages, and therapy.

Of course all this fabulous information is relevant because in American jurisprudence an ex-spouse is entitled to support under the premise that during the course of a marriage they have “become accustomed” to a particular lifestyle. I understand the theory but I have never agreed with it. You became accustomed to this particular lifestyle because you were married to Lionel Richie. Now you’re not going to be married to Lionel Richie any more so your choices should be get out there and become an incredibly successful music artist or get accustomed to not living that lifestyle anymore. Things change with a divorce.

If I were Richie’s attorney, I would point out that during the course of the marriage Lionel had become accustomed to getting some p%&*y now and again too. Is this trick going to be compelled to get up offa that too? If not, why? Why is it right to take something from someone without their consent in one instance but not in the next?

This is not like the O.J. Simpson or Kobe Bryant cases. My viewpoint is not skewed due to being a fan like it was in those cases. I’m not a fan of Lionel Richie in any respect. It’s just that right now I’m even less a fan of his wife.

By the way, I beat Ramiro once and Lex twice yesterday! Wasn’t gonna leave that out!

One Response to “You Gotta Be Kidding”

  1. Detroit Dave says:

    Today it is time to vent about this Lionel Richie stuff!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with this woman. You have to be kidding me!! This is why marriage is wrong. How can somone that stated they loved you comeback after a divorce and literally snatch the nits right off ya! This is what causes me grief each time I talk to my ex-wife. oooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppssssssss boss coming I will return to complete this thought.