Michael Haiku

I’ve written a little poetry here and there in this life, and some of it is rather good. I don’t talk about it because I live in the ‘hood so if anybody asks I’ll just say they’re raps. But I’ve never taken a shot at writing specific metered stuff like sonnets or haiku. I’ll be damned if I get my ass kicked for writing something called a sonnet so I thought I’d take a stab at haiku.

For those who don’t know, traditional haiku has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second line, and 5 again in the third line. A little different but what the hell, it’s Japanese. I’m writing about everyday stuff for me which includes a little bit of pool among other things. Here’s what I have come up with so far:

Gaylord is cussing
because I just hid his balls
. . . . that didn’t sound right

Ok, maybe that one wasn’t so good yet. That’s ok. I’m bound to get better. I try again:

I hate Stephen I

hate Stephen I hate Stephen
Good game (you bastard!)

That one is a lot better. I’m actually warming up to this stuff. What now. . How about. . . . an emotional, heartfelt one. One to touch the very soul:

She pours gasoline
On my heart and has matches
She’s laughing at me.

Ha ha! Tricked you into my world! Fire and singed hair! Fire! FIRE!!

My life is over. . .

I didn’t get to shoot once

No one hears my screams

Now for a traditional Japanese Haiku:

GODZILLA??? WHERE? (then mouth moves)

Hmmm. . . That’s my best one yet, but If you’re not impressed, rest assured I’m not either. I don’t feel bad. I have better poems at Better Poems. Read it, delete it, repeat it . I don’t really care. Just remember. . . . if anybody asks. . . it’s a rap.

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