Why do otherwise rational people seem to think that typing of an expiration date on a product magically prevents the contents of the container from spoiling before the printed date? So much so to where many of these people will actually ignore their olfactory senses and consume these products even when they plainly have begun to smell spoiled? And if this phenomenon is as widespread as I suspect it is, isn’t it entirely possible that the existence of expiration dates may result in MORE food poisonings rather than less (because many people choose to disbelieve their own senses)?

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  1. Phelps says:

    I wonder the exact opposite thing — why do people automatically assume that the product is rotten just because some guy predicted two weeks earlier that it would go rotten that day?

  2. Edward Bernays says:

    Everyone has been “brainwashed.”

    The trick is to associate an idea, a subconscious idea, with something that is acceptable to the conscious mind without explicitly identifying it.


  3. mexi says:

    That sounds like behaviorist talk to me!!!

  4. I want to know what type of expiration label was written on that tainted milk in China?

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