For some reason I’m trying to figure out, I find eyes like these to be very attractive.

Angelina Jolie.

Kate Winslet


Insane eyes are the ones I like the best but I don’t know why. It’s highly unlikely that this preference on my part is the result of any genetic advantage over liking sane people. Perhaps it is a genetic wildcard (random mutation) or maybe this preference has nothing to do with genes at all. It could very well be that I’m oversimplifying by my use of the term “insane”, and perhaps what I’m really seeing in the eyes is a window into a certain personality disorder instead.

The schizotypal personality disorder described on that page is quite interesting (and I will point out here that I flagged for that my damn self on an online personality disorder test, for whatever that is worth). In my view the most interesting thing about that description is that it describes a symptom of that disorder as “odd beliefs or magical thinking”. I described on this blog a while back how in grade school I tried to communicate telepathically with a girl from school. I wouldn’t characterize that as a “magical belief” so much as a pragmatic experiment, and one that ended in abysmal failure too by the way.

I’m watching “Heavenly Creatures” for about the 26th time right now and I would like to note that Pauline Parker (the nutty girl on whose diary the matricidal movie was based) described her belief that she and her friend Juliette Hume both possessed a special section of the brain allowed them to see and appreciate something they referred to as “the fourth world”. This would definitely fall under the category of a red flag for schizotypal and perhaps would further explain how these girls could take it upon themselves to murder Pauline’s mother in their attempt to keep from being separated (the concept asserted by Dostoevsky’s Raskolnikov that special people are above the law). Anyway I’m digressing or worse yet I think I’m just speaking random thoughts. I really just wanted to post the pictures of the eyes. There you have it.

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  1. Phelps says:

    They are open wide which makes them look larger, and have very white whites. Both features suggest youth. In both pictures, their pupils are wide open, which suggests sexual arousal. That’s why you dig it, and the reaction is easily explained by evolutionary psychology.

  2. Alorina says:

    aww I’m not in there! :p

  3. mexi says:

    I only wanted your permission first. Can I put your a link to your eyes??

  4. Alorina says:

    where do you even have a link??

  5. Alorina says:

    AH HA! Made my day

  6. CQ says:

    Plook more slish!

  7. Angelina’s eyes are her best feature. They more than make up for her lips. I just wish she would use those eyes to see that I’m the only one for her. It’s not enough to look: she needs to SEE.

    Kate’s eyes are also attractive. Except that, if they’re SO great, why couldn’t they spot the iceberg in time?

    Alorina has lovely eyes and a very lovely name too.

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