Sarah Palin, King of teh Eskimos!

I told myself I have to stop speaking on things based on first impressions because it often turns out that my first impressions are mistaken in some form and I then end up on the wrong side of the argument. I will, however, tell you what I thought about John McCain tapping Sarah Palin for the VP spot based on the tiny bit I do know about her which I gleaned from

First impression: sheer Machiavellian genius. John McCain is brilliantly exploiting the race and gender rift causes by Obama narrowly edging out Satan Hillary Clinton in what ultimately came down to be a battle of firsts. Half the white women democrats will move over to the McCain ticket and the goodship Obama goes down in epic failure.

Second Impression (after I read a news article):

Omg. . . I did not realize that Sarah Palin was anti-choice. Is it really possible that McCain expect this to escape the notice of the masses of disaffected liberal white women and that they will vote for him anyway? Searching memory banks: remember the majority of black Americans supported the first Bush’s Clarence Thomas nomination during the Anita Hill debacle and that many blacks, reacting instinctively to any criticism of a black man, regarded the hearings as a race-agenda contrived mysterious white racists who had somehow paid off Anita Hill so that she could bring Clarence Thomas down, literally completing the mythological much dreaded racial sellout. Never mind the fact that it was Anita Hill who was the democrat (the party popularly seen as more friendly toward black people) and that Clarence Thomas was a conservative judge who had (and has) never sided with the majority of blacks issues like affirmative action, and that it was the a republican President who had nominated Thomas in the first place. The fact is that most black people regarded Clarence Thomas as one of their own simply based on skin color.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the same type of thing might happen for Sarah Palin among white women (I will take care to note here that neither Clarence Thomas nor Governor Palin, to my knowledge, have ever asked for or demanded loyalty among the masses based on skin color or gender, it is my position that these types of prejudices can manifest themselves completely spontaneously because we, as a society, are made up of individuals, all of who carry around these prejudices in one form or another).

Third impression:

Perhaps McCain’s radical choice for VP (and by radical I mean tapping a political unknown rather than an established name) might have been unnecessarily risky or, even worse, he might be intentionally trying to lose the race. He was, after all, in a virtual tie with Obama before the VP announcement and it could be argued that a close game is when it’s time to establish the run game rather than come right out with a double reverse or a flea flicker. Of course, all this presupposes that he made his pick primarily on the prospect of winning core demographic groups over to his ticket rather than being chosen because she’s actually the best candidate available. I’m sure that anybody can argue just for the sake of argument that Palin actually is the most qualified person for VP, and I really don’t feel like arguing out of sheer boredom, but if anybody actually does think that she’s the most qualified VP candidate out there, I’d like to hear why. At this point the only thing I know about her is that her nickname from high school sports was barracuda, she used to be a mayor of something (I think), she’s married to an oil dude, and that she’s supposedly for free market capitalism and that she’s anti choice on the abortion issue.

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  1. Phelps says:

    This had absolutely nothing to do with getting liberals to vote for McCain. This had everything to do with getting conservatives to vote for McCain. She pro-drilling. She shoots moose. She sold the governer’s jet on eBay and put the money back in the state fund. She cut taxes. Also, I’m pretty sure she stepped on Ted Steven’s balls once and made him cry.

    The right side is agog over this choice. We’re whistling Dixie out our assholes we are so happy.

    Oh, and you know how on those Viagra commercials, they say that if you have a woodrow for more than four hours after you take it, you are supposed to go to the hospital? Do you think that counts even if you haven’t taken anything?

  2. Phelps says:

    BTW, that’s the real Machiavellian thing about this pick. All the libtards see is her boobs and think, “aha, he picked her because she is a woman!” And then every argument they make on why other libtards should tear their eyes away from her boobage and look at her politics convinces another conservative to vote for her.

  3. mexi says:

    Oh yeah I had noticed that this was also reaching out to the conservatives, especially to the pro-lifers who have lately been declaring that no one takes them seriously anymore.

  4. Alorina says:

    Sarah who?

  5. R says:

    I don’t see how conservatives, even disaffected conservatives, could ever vote for Obama over McCain. Palin was a wasted move.

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