Uncle Jesse

I’m not implying by this title that Jesse Jackson is an Uncle Tom, I just think juxtaposing Jesse Jackson with Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazard is simply hilarious.

Back to the issue at hand, Jesse Jackson is in the news explaining his bitching about Barack Obama. Personally I think it’s jealousy that a black man other than him is being taken seriously politically but I think he’s also incensed that Obama is acting like a full-fledged human being rather than being a myopic jackhole who tries to make everything about race. Remember Jackson throwing a pissy fit when the newscasters referred to the Katrina refugees? He thought that term was being used because the people in question were predominantly black. Actually it was being used because the people were seeking refuge but since when does etymology get in the way of a good piss fit? Anyhoo.

The above article quotes Jackson as saying:

“And yet within the black community there are some severe structural crises: The infant mortality rate is higher, life expectancy is shorter, the most children in school with teachers with less than three years’ experience, the highest murder rate, and now the need to revive a ban on assault weapons.”

His non-sequitur about assault weapons notwithstanding, my question is about how the term “black community” is being used. If a white or Latino person lives in a predominantly black neighborhood, are his stats counted as being in the “black community”? Why or why not? Are non-black people who live in the inner city suffering from health disparities also? If so then wouldn’t this be an economic problem rather than a racial one? If a black guy in Howell Michigan has his stats counted among the “black community”, isn’t that a little bit absurd? I’ve been to Howell and I haven’t seen a black community there. To be fair, I haven’t even seen a black community in Detroit or Flint, I just saw a whole bunch of black individuals (as well as some Latino, white, and Arab ones). Also, if Phelps is a white guy from a black section of the Dallas Metroplex yet he doesn’t suffer from health disparities, shouldn’t Jesse Jackson be studying HIM instead of mouthing off about Obama?

This isn’t just an exercise in semantics, I honestly don’t think that Jesse Jackson is capable of thinking about black people as individuals. In his big bubble-head, I think he really thinks that black people are all part of a swarming sea of some greater thing, kind of like all the different cells that make up an eyeball. The downside to this way of thinking is that the individual cells aren’t viewed as individuals that have value in their own right, they are viewed as an indispensable part of something more important. I think that’s why Jesse is lighting up into Obama at the moment. Obama (and I’m not advocating him or his politics, I’m just saying) is daring to be an individual human being rather than a component of the black machine. I think this makes Uncle Jesse mad.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Actually, the HS that my brother went to is being unaccredited. The numbers (from my memory, FWIW) that were the reason were broken down by race, and it was complete failure for blacks in math, science, reading and completion (all the categories), failure for latinos in reading and completion, and pass in all for whites and asians. (Whites/other were less than 10%, something like 8%, IIRC.)

  2. mexi says:

    Yeah, I remember the first year Michigan had the MEAP test. I was leet. Then the stats were released in the Lansing State Journal broke down by race. White passed about 80-something percent, Hispanics and blacks only about 60-something. Nowadays my old high school is regarded as a dropout school because more than half the kids drop out. My son just graduated from there.

  3. R says:

    Because it is unfeasible to take statistics on the individual level. There are always outliers; that doesn’t necessarily invalidate the overall picture.

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