Unneccesary Roughness

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “DC Madam”, committed suicide this week rather than return to prison for running a prostitution ring. On the surface this sounds like a no-lose situation for society. America is minus one criminal because she chose suicide rather than serving time for a crime she committed. That is until you really think about it.

Why is prostitution illegal in most jurisdictions in the US? Where consenting adults exchange services for money and no ones rights are violated, no wrong has been committed and therefore no crime should be legislated. You may venture at this point to say that you have a right to live in a world where people don’t exchange money for sex. I will counter that you can go fuck yourself. In a just society no individual or entity can claim a right that cancels out someone else’s right, in this case, the right of people to enter into contracts of their own volition.

The fact is that prostitution has been legislated against because the majority of people (myself included) find it repulsive. This cannot be the standard for criminalizing victimless activities. By that standard we should also criminalize gay sex, fat people sex, and an entire myriad of fetishes that the majority of people don’t enjoy. This is just dumb. We should not, as a society, engage the court system and the police to employ FORCE to persecute people for engaging in actions that we find gross. This is infinitely worse than the original action which is individuals voluntarily exchanging services for money.

In many cases, the criminal defendants are the ones in the right and it is society that is in fact wrong. Deborah Jeane Palfrey is no longer with us, not because she desired to violate the rights of others, but because she did not want to live in a world where hers were violated by society as a matter of law. Rest in peace DC Madaam.

7 Responses to “Unneccesary Roughness”

  1. Guy in the unlv jacket says:

    She us no martyr if she truely was a martyr she would have been trying to change the law from the get go an not waited until the end to make a stand

  2. Guy in the unlv jacket says:

    a frivolous stand at that

  3. mexi says:

    Martyrdom is when someone dies for others. Deborah Jeane Palfrey lived and died for herself which is even more American than martyrdom. A truly just society demands martyrs only on the battlefield. And she wasn’t making a stand, but rather an end. I don’t applaud her suicide, but rather I deplore the government’s persecution of actions that really should not be actionable.

  4. Guy in the unlv jacket says:

    no she tried a tried and true hustle enjoyed the money got caught and took the easy way out. Causing her friends and relatives unnecessary grief and pain

  5. mexigogue says:

    She provided a service, no different than running an office temp or a janitorial service. There was nothing “hustle” about it.

  6. Guy in The UNLV Jacket says:

    Once you get on the illegal side of the law it becomes a “Hustle”. Getting he people and money together to change the law beforehand makes it not a “Hustle”

  7. Anglo says:

    The government says prostitution is illegal in most jurisdictions mostly to prevent rape, assault and the spread of disease. The truth is, they probably just haven’t gotten around to thinking about how to regulate it and tax it. Like ‘lesser’ drugs, legalizing prostitution then throwing a huge tax on it would probably help our economy.

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