Slaughter ≅ Laughter

I was hanging out with this chick yesterday when she was talking to her mother over the phone. Her mother says, “Did you hear about the tragedy?” The chick says “Oh my god no, what tragedy??” The mom says, “This priest in Brazil tied himself up to a hundred balloons and was going to try to float across the ocean to raise money for charity. They can’t find him and his GPS is giving no signal. He’s lost at sea and presumed dead.”

Mexi: What?? what??
(Chick tells Mexi what her mom just told her)

Oh but just when you think the main idea whole thing, the story gets even better:

The 41-year-old priest lifted off wearing a helmet, an aluminum thermal flight suit, waterproof coveralls and a parachute.

Even Jesus refused to cast himself down when Satan suggested he should do it to prove that he was divinely protected, saying “It is written, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God”. But no need to worry folks, I’ve got a helmet!

There is a difference between a genuine tragedy (the Hindenburg, the Holocaust, and Scott Norwood’s wide right field goal attempt at the end of Superbowl XXV) and people dying doing dumb shit. The present instance falls under the latter category. Not that I’m glad that human being has died, it’s just the circumstances of a priest tying himself to 100 balloons in attempt to cross the ocean is funny enough (in fact, it seems to want only for a rabbi and a lesbian to turn it into the great beginning for a setup joke), and the fact that he died enroute only seems to add icing to the cake. A tragedy this is not.

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  1. Kearns says:

    Of course that’s not completely true. He was only attempting to break the record for time in the air on such an apparatus, he expected to be in the air for 20 hours and that the winds would bring him inland. He has also used a flying device like this previously, and the stunt was to raise money to help build bathrooms for truckers or something.

    Though when I heard the story on the BBC at first I thought it was a setup for a joke…

  2. He’s got nuthin’ onLawn Chair Larry.

    At least Larry took a 6 pack of beer up with him, in lieu of a dumb helmet.

  3. mexi says:

    OMG I forgot that part. The money was supposed to be raised to provide gospel outreach or materials at truck stops. HAHHAHAHHAHA!!! As if the lot lizards weren’t bad enough!!!

  4. Chick says:

    Yeah, I tried to tell her (moms) that it was a comedy but she wasn’t hearin’ it. I just kept laughing as she kept telling me. Let me give you a lil’ background- my mom is a grieving expert-as in “death and dying” is her thing. So-she was all into this story and telling me how he was so loved, blah, blah, blah and I just kept laughing. She originally referred to the stunt as para-gliding which comes into play a little later. I told her I thought he had a death wish and she basically implied that I was insensitive. Then, later in the convo she mentioned that she wanted to go to a Pro Baseball Game and I said that would be boring and Mexi put the icing on the cake by blurting out “I’d rather go para-gliding!”

    Yeah, she hates us now.

  5. Dan Stowell says:

    Now if this preist would have consulted the great queen spider she would have told him to stick to little boys!HA!

  6. bout time you posted something

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