Went to Chicago on Saturday to celebrate St. Patty’s day with my older brother. The first thing we did upon arrival was drive through Chinatown enroute to looking for parking downtown. Chinatown in Chicago is just that, everybody everywhere you looked was Chinese. Even the store signs were written in those chicken scratchy character thingies. I fought the overwhelming temptation to jump out of the car and start a kung-fu fight. I also fought the temptation to stop at a Chinese restaurant. I was starving and food was everywhere, but what I had really come to city for was the world famous Chicago hot dogs.

We parked on the sixth floor of some parking structure and immediately went wandering around the city streets on our food quest. Hordes of holiday revelers flowed every whichaway, decked out in outlandish costumes in the ubiquitous green. We saw an Asian chick in green tights who I am not likely to forget anytime in the near future. I was color coordinated for the festivities as well, wearing a Michigan State University jacket and MSU ballcap. I will point out right here that I am actually one sixteenth Irish, which is neither here nor there, since people of any race, color, or creed can celebrate St. Patty’s day, but at any rate my great grandmother on my father’s side was half Cherokee and half Irish. Or that’s how the story goes anyway, that explained my why great grandmother (who I never saw until her funeral) had blue eyes.

We found a hot dog place after about 45 minutes of wandering around. I had two Chicago style hot dogs off the grill, complete with pickle slices, black pepper, onions, relish, and some unidentified hot peppery thing, on a poppyseed hot dog bun. I also had fries and a Sierra Mist to complete the quest. 1,500 experience points gained and reputation with Chi-town increased by 11.

We found a sports bar in Wrigglyville (not associated in any way with “The Wiggles”) and watched the Michigan State basketball get soundly beaten by the refs. This is where I was introduced to Big Butt Dopplebock which I highly recommend for any beer drinkers who enjoy flavor. The only sad thing about the experience is that this is where I learned that, as of January 1, the entire State of Illinois has gone non-smoking in all restaurants and bars. First NYC, Austin Texas and Phoenix went non-smoking, but I always thought a blue collar metropolis in the midwest would be beyond this travesty. Et tu, Chicago? A very sad day indeed.

To finish the day we ended up taking the L to Ukraine Village where I shot pool at an upscale restaurant that had a pool table. I soundly defeated two league players that had just gotten married. Also, somewhere along the way, I bought “The Blank Slate”, by Steven Pinker, which I had already read before when I checked the book out from the library but this time I wanted my own copy. All in all a great weekend.

How was YOUR Saturday?

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  1. bs says:

    a trip to Chicago and no word of the Bears…

    no dog sharin with Grossman?

  2. Phelps says:

    Chicago is blue state, not blue collar.

  3. I love Chicago. That’s where my company’s headquarters are and I’ve spent many a fun drinking night there. Good times.

    Hmmmm…MY Saturday was spent thusly:

    1. Getting much needed highlights in my hair and driving through downtown of the town I live in and witnessing the prep stuff for the St Patty’s Day parade, but not actually participating in anything
    2. Taking my children to an Easter egg hunt
    3. Taking care of Captain Recovery, who was recovering from a nasty bout with the flu, which my older son caught on Sat evening, so it was just a joy any way you look at it.

    Thanks for asking.

    Glad you had fun in Chi-town!

  4. Faye says:

    I LOVE Chicago and St Patty’s there is closest I can get to fun in the streets when I can’t make it home for Mardi Gras.

    My Saturday? – work – home to get EVERYTHING ready for my daughter’s quince dance practice – work again – home – avoid my little brother’s b-day party at Chuck E Cheese (thank goodness it was a mad house and everyone said don’t bother we’re leaving!) – relatives/friends visit – couch – movie – sleep.

  5. l says:

    I WAS IN CHICAGO TOO! laugh. I did not eat hotdogs though, I ate pad tai and pad se ewe. I could not drink though so i went to a pet show where this chick kept trying to make this dog jump in a pool and the dog wasnt having it. later i purchased “the directors cut” johnny the homicidal maniak complete comic book and also the the complete gunslinger born comic. I cant beleive you were there too.

  6. mexi says:

    Omg that would have been amazing if I had bumped into you in Chicago. Re-reading this makes me all hungry again.

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