Introversion, Materialism, and the Existentialist Dilemma

I’m not opposed to materialism. I’ve just never been one for wanting to have all kinds of stuff (nice car, fly gear, etc.) Therefore I’ve never had a 20 year financial plan, a five year plan, or even a one month plan. As long as I had enough money to do the things I wanted to do I’ve generally been all right, but now that it’s coming back to bite me I actually have to make some moves to get some stuff accomplished. How annoying.

Chicks generally don’t dig dudes who take their paycheck, divide it by the 14 days until next payday, and say “Here is how much money I can spend at the bar.” They’re funny like that. So I’ve tried not to have to deal with them for a while, not chasing women, just doing my own thing. I’ve been repressing for some time but that’s starting not to work anymore. If you try to buck your instincts, they have a way of making their way back to the surface. Suddenly that chick in the wheelchair at the end of the bar starts to look pretty damn good. A doctor’s assistant grabs your arm to put the blood pressure cuff on and the touch is electric. You wanna know what’s really fucked up? You dream you’re making love to a midget, you wake up, and one of your kids is in bed with you. That can be bad news.

Last night I was feeding the mind and not the body (shooting pool but not drinking beer.) I was getting all edgy but I was going to prove to myself that my will can overcome my desires so I kept declining to order beer. After a while though the karaoke girl was leaving and she offered me the rest of her beer which I was glad to accept because I’m secretly in love with her (ha! that’s the good thing about the net, I can say what I want. The only people who know about this blog are the INTJ lists, my homie Phelps in Texas, the blog pages, my pool buddies Dave and Ken, and the karaoke girl. . . . . oops). Anway once I had some beer then I was balancing body and mind (albeit with a wobble).

Life requires a balance and you gotta feed both parts of the dichotomy. You can’t ignore the body and live only in the mind because before you know it you’re shaken out of your philosophical reverie because you’re half starved and freezing to death. You can’t focus only on your physical desires because then you’re not much different from a farm animal. It’s like Mr. Miogi told the karate kid once, “Kiss my wrinkled yellow ass Daniel-san. Kiss my wrinkled yellow ass!”

I’m losing my point. What was I saying? Oh yeah. I don’t think I had a point. Work is stupid. I can’t wait til 9 o’clock.

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