NY Governor Caught in Prostitution Scandal

The story is here. In a news conference he apologized to his family and said that he has failed to live up to his own standards. I don’t like it. I wish instead he would have said:

“I have been implicated in an action that should not be considered a crime. I harmed no one, I spent only my own money, and anyone who wants to make a big deal about this can just blow me. I will pay you of course.”

4 Responses to “NY Governor Caught in Prostitution Scandal”

  1. Kearns says:

    Why is hiring a prostitute construed as “involved in a prostitution ring” in the media?

    I can understand why this is a scandal with his history of prosecuting the same crime he is now admitting to, but how is that being reported as if he was a pimp or getting prostitutes out of jail or something?

  2. Phelps says:

    $5500 an hour. That should be the scandal.

  3. mexigogue says:

    That much money, what the hell, did he hire the Alan Dershowitcz of hookers???

  4. mexigogue says:

    Oh, I wasn’t aware that this guy had zealously prosecuted ho-house cases in the past. Never mind, he should hang himself.

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