I’m #one/two

Entered a pool tournament I got destroyed in twice before. Beat a shaky lady in the first round (she was literally trembling before each shot which is not the way to play in a tournament but what do I know?) Second round I played a guy who beat me in the last two tournaments (albeit, in very close games). This was was close as well and featured my shot of the night which was a long drawback shot where I drew the cue back three and a half feet in order to get on my last shot before the eight. Then I lost to the guy who took first in the previous two tournaments and in the semifinal I utterly destroyed a guy who had hitherto been playing very well (but thitherto notsomuch, I left him with five balls on the table). This put me in the championship round where, coming from the loser’s bracket, I was going to have to beat my opponent twice whereas he only had to beat me once to win. Then he came with an offer. Since he had taken first place in the previous two tournaments he was in danger of having to sit out next week (there is a standing rule of a three-peater having to sit out one week) so he offered to split first and second place with me. I accepted the offer giving me my very highest finish in a tournament, 1.5. The masses were disappointed that they did not get a chance to see the penultimate round so then we played for funsies. I won that game too. At some point I’ll make a diagram of my breakout shot of the night.

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