The Ask Mexi Column

I am absolutely incapable of giving relationship advice. I’m horrible at reading people and I’m even worse at divining their intentions in interpersonal relationships. Accordingly, I am now starting the “Ask Mexi” column, where I invite you to email me your requests for relationship advice. Give me the situation with full details and I’ll give you the answer, posting the question and answer on the blog while providing you with a pseudonym so that you can retain your anonymity. I’ll be blunt and pompous like Dr. Phil. I might even go off on a tangent, addressing your question by relating a vaguely similar person experience of my own without actually ever getting to the point. It might be better that way, trust me.

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  1. My wife wants me to put the toilet seat down when I am done pissing and I always forget am I going to go to hell?

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