Mexi Changeover

The MexiMuslim is undergoing a metamorphasis. Beer drinking mode is set to ‘off’. Cue stick attatchment will not be enabled. Exercising and reading of computer manuals and literature classics is set to full steam ahead. Negativity vanishing, replaced with Truth, Justice, and the Pursuit of. . . . of. . .. .. damn. Here’s where it gets tough. I need a mission. . . a long term goal.

Maybe to get a pet monkey. That seems relatively attainable. And it’s a lifelong dream. No, that’s not noble enough.

I don’t mean noble in the sense of ‘the greater good’. I mean something befitting the real me. i, oh wait. . the phone.

OH shit, that’s Ken. I have to go shoot pool and drink beer. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

One Response to “Mexi Changeover”

  1. David Marion says:

    Here comes the rough part of being a pool addict with no other means of sustaining self-worth. I decided to relax tonight and enjoy a few quiet hours on the internet………………..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    With the goal being not playing pool. I never thought that it would be this hard. I am shaking like a crack head…………. or my fat ex-wife. Now I don’t even have the curator of the blog to keep me sane. I need to know why the pool gods are clling my name and causing such pain and mayhem. I don’t want to talk to my Gf I don’t want to watch T.V. What the hell is going on?

    You really have to visit Lery’s Bar to understand the extent of my pool sickness. The bar has a mind of it’s own. The pool table can talk…….No Shit it really does………….. can you hear it?? It is calling me from here….. “Dave come to me now BITCH” “Dave you know you want to sink some balls”…………. Did you hear that shit???????? I am out of here. I will sleep with the pillow over my head to block the voices…….

    Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot take this!!