There was a twinge of sadness yesterday as I left the guild that I created, Poor Righteous Teachers, and turned it over to my brother (I don’t think any of the members other than my brother know that I named the guild after a rap group). I have hitherto generally quested alone but I knew some of the people kind of well. The sadness was erased shortly and it was as if I was born again as I got the invite into an elite guild. Destruction and team play at its finest, stick ’em up punk it’s the Fun Lovin’ Criminals!!!

3 Responses to “Guild”

  1. Phelps says:

    So… you quit one guild named after a rap group to join a guild named after a rap group.

  2. mexi says:

    That just occurred to me when I heard the rap on vent yesterday and then googled the rap today. Before that I thought it was just a catchy name you guys had made up.

  3. Alorina says:

    I knew Poor Righteous Teachers was a rap group. Hah

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