I really need to get some sleep. Instead of getting some much needed ZZZs b4 a night of pool shooting I was doing this.

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  1. Alorina says:

    You should make a big list of all the stuff you have to do and getting a life should be on there somewhere… preferably the first page, right? Grushenkaa looks kickass

  2. mexigogue says:

    It took me like an hour and a half to make that movie because something wasn’t working right with Imovie. Then all of a sudden it was working right with no rhyme or reason. Wasted hour of my life.

  3. Alorina says:

    you clearly specified you didn’t have a life in your movie. You wasted nothing!

  4. mexigogue says:

    Anytime something I say contradicts something else I said, the earlier thing was me speaking metaphorically. Kind of like the Bible.

  5. Alorina says:

    psalm 7-10 Justice of gawd

    PSALM 8
    a psalm of Mexi

    This is my World of Warcraft character, Grushenkaa.
    I got up at 4:00 this morning
    because I needed to complete a quest
    because I didn’t like my character wearing this dress
    it’s too conservative and I want
    my character to be a hot chick so
    BAM! I completed a quest
    to get the leggings
    which I think is, like, cooler.
    It’s like, sweet but
    the other thing is
    she’s got this mask and I’m not sure if I like the mask
    covering up her face but
    BAM I complete another quest
    so she could wear this hat
    and I’m not really too keen on the hat either
    but, the important thing
    was that I got the leggings
    and that’s… sweet!
    yeah… I need to get a life or something


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