Shaq’s first game in the Phoenix lineup is today. I think he’s going to do well with the Suns because, with all of Phoenix’s offensive firepower, opposing defenses cannot focus on him. I would only play him about 20 minutes a game though. Otherwise he will slow the team down. My prediction, Shaq has 15 points in 22 minutes tonight. And five fouls 😀

In other news, I got my new medium Lepro tip put on my Luccasi. Now I will destroy the world!!!

5 Responses to “Shaq”

  1. Phelps says:

    And he’ll go 2 for 6 in free throws.

  2. mexi says:

    Wow. I was dead on about the 15 points but he actually had more minutes than I thought. He played for 29. I scare myself sometimes.

  3. mexigogue says:

    Oh my god, I was right about the five fouls too!
    box score

  4. Phelps says:

    Ha! 3 for 8 in free throws. I was pretty close — I had the ratio right. I predicted 33.3%, he threw 37.5%

  5. mexi says:

    You were even closer than that except two of his free throw misses were canceled out due to lane violations. We should quit our jobs and start working for ESPN!

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