My Biggest Fears

1. A midget with a crossbow

2. Chinese NASCAR

What else should make the list??

6 Responses to “My Biggest Fears”

  1. mexi says:

    From a distance, yes!

  2. Phelps says:

    Dogs with flamethrowers on their heads

    German barbecues

    Jenn with a magic marker

    Penile cancer

    Australian weddings

  3. Great Danes that shit in their crates.

    Like this morning.

  4. Dan Stowell says:

    Dude, fat chicks in Spandex.

  5. oregonchick says:


    Street vendor food from third world countries.

    Anything Tom Cruise believes in.

    The wrath of Oprah.

    And of course, zombies. Always zombies.

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