Feed the Homeless?

I have a question. Why is it that whenever some corporation or multi zillionaire individual decides to invest in some megabucks business venture, you’ve always got some clown on the sidelines saying ‘oh with that kind of money you could have set up a soup kitchen to feed the homeless!’ ?

Two issues actually. I’m not big into acts of altruism myself (there is no selfless motive) but as long as you’re talking about helping the homeless, wouldn’t the logical thing be to house the homeless? Why do people presume that homeless people have no food? Go observe them sometime. This nation’s homeless population probably packs more pounds per capita than any other demographic I know of except maybe white women who exclusively date unemployed black men. Missing meals doesn’t seem to be an issue, especially since they’re not spending 30% of their income (or whatever the percentage is) that most people spend on their rent or mortgage payment.

Two, you can feed people for a season but what happens when the money’s gone? These people are back at square one except maybe now a little bit worse because they’ve become accustomed to being tossed some bread so now they’re gathered expectantly with the idea that it will happen again. Now they feel entitiled. This sounds like a recipe for class warfare.

Why not instead skip altruism, build that ballpark or swanky hotel which will require construction workers to be paid, hotel staff to employ, food to be brought in, and it will ultimately bring paying customers into the area, business to flow, and money to keep changing hands. This brings dollars into the area, not for a season, but until it ceases to be profitable which might be dozens of years. It’s more efficient than altruism, you get to satisfy your own motives (make money), and who knows, maybe even some of those homeless people will get jobs out of the deal.

2 Responses to “Feed the Homeless?”

  1. Phelps says:

    The sad part is that we don’t need any more ways to feed the homeless. If you are homeless and you want something to eat, you don’t have any problem getting it. The problem is that you have to do something in return — sober up, not be high, listen to some wackaloon explain why Jesus could have ridden around in a rocketship with his magic dog except Leviticus didn’t prophesize that, etc.

  2. Scott says:

    Whoa. Wait. You mean Jesus *didn’t* ride around in a rocketship? Damnit! That guy who gave me a burger said he did!!!