Open Tables

Xiaoting Pan is now my computer wallpaper. Ice Angel, bitches!!!

I went to the bar on Wednesday night to shoot pool and give my clicky-finger a rest from WoW. I was waiting for Kman when I noticed that they had opened the pool tables for the night. Since I didn’t have to pay for the games, I grabbed a diamond 9-ball rack and started practicing some 9-ball. Normally the game of choice for bars is 8-ball but 9-ball is strategically a different game entirely and learning the game forces me to try some shots I wouldn’t ordinarily try in 8-ball so I play it when I can as I think it will strengthen my game overall.

So anyway I’m playing 9-ball and at some point I had ball in hand (after having snookered myself with a vicious safety) and I had an easy shot but one for which I needed about four feet of drawback to get on my next shot. I lined the shot up, aimed as low on the cue ball as possible without popping the ball off the table, and hit the shot. My object ball goes in and the cue ball spins backwards and comes right back at me down the table: one, two, three, four feet, bumps the headspot, and comes back about another half foot. Counting the bounce I got about five feet of drawback on that shot, lining me up perfectly for my next shot in the 9-ball rotation. And THAT’S how the pros do it.

Except the pros are actually consistent at it and they get paid to play pool whereas I have to put in quarters unless it’s open pool Wednesday 🙁

8 Responses to “Open Tables”

  1. mexi says:

    The nerdiest thing I mentioned was:

    1) having the WoW clicky finger;

    2) blogging about a pool practice shot; or

    3) having an Asian chick as my computer wallpaper


  2. R says:

    If you’re a Rogue, you need to stop being a total newb and bind your abilities to keystrokes.

  3. mexigogue says:

    I do have them on 1 through zero. What other keystrokes should I bind to??

  4. R says:

    Dude, like every key possible. And then their Alt+ and Ctl+.

    Then you can be mad pro.

  5. Phelps says:

    And your middle-click and all the other clicks you have on your ubermouse.

    I even have shadowstep on stealth-3 AND shift-t. Because sometimes one place isn’t enough.

  6. mexi says:


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