Hillary’s Remark Disected

It’s too early to tell but, in a close Democratic primary race, Hillary may have doomed her campaign with her civil rights remark. Black Michigan democrats have overwhelmingly favored uncommitted over Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary and with the South Carolina primary on the horizon, this could be sign of things to come. But the question has been posed, is Hillary Clinton a racist? From what I have read about her I would vote that she is not a racist, she’s simply an elitist bitch.

The interesting thing is how race even entered into the debate in the first place. Hillary had been criticizing Senator Obama for raising up “false hopes” and she claimed that some of his views were unrealistic. Obama replied what if people like JFK and Martin Luther King had given up their goals as being unrealistic, to which Clinton pointed out (perhaps in hopes of a Senator Bentsen moment), that Obama was no Kennedy or MLK. Then curiously (and I’m not sure if this remark was made in the same exchange or even on the same day), Hillary, as an aside, pointed out that it “took a President” to pass the Civil Rights Act. It was this apparent sleight of MLK that spelled the beginning of the end.

One would wonder why a Presidential candidate would make a remark deliberately downplaying the efforts of America’s most prominent civil rights leader in the midst of a primary campaign and the only thing I can think of is that this is probably dogma that is so ingrained into her psyche that she simply stated it as a matter of course. I think she really thinks the actions of government officials are infinitely more important in the course of human events than the opinions and the actions of private citizens.

Now anybody who has read my blog entries on Kelly Tilghman’s Tiger Woods remark is probably ready to call bullshit on me now. “But teh Mexigogue”, I can hear the protesting now, “How can you excuse Kelly Tilghman for a ‘poor choice of words’ whereas you condemn Hillary’s statement as being ‘what she really thinks’? Isn’t this blatant hypocrisy?” No it is not and I will tell you why. Kelly Tilghman’s mistake involved the use of one word. ANYBODY can screw up a single word and it would be unfair to condemn someone for a selection that, while making a correct denotation, happens to have an unfortunate connotation.

Hillary’s remark, however, was not such a mistake. She didn’t use a wrong word, she correctly stated an opinion she has that the majority of the people do not share and that she shouldn’t have said out loud. Personally I have such thoughts that pop into my head when certain people are brought up in conversation (Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, President Lincoln fought the war to preserve the Union, not to free the slaves, and MLK had affairs with white women while he was leading the civil rights movement). I think these things but I wouldn’t necessarily mention them in a presidential primary. I think Hillary Clinton slipped up and said what she really thinks.

This is no way means that Hillary Clinton is a racist. It merely means that she very likely thinks that the government is responsible for effecting racial justice and equality, that black people are therefore owned by and owe their allegiance to the Democratic party (and that they periodically need to be reminded of that), that the efforts of people like Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr., and other civil rights martyrs was “cute” but that ultimately the real work of the movement was done when a government official signed his name on a piece of legislation and that he is the real hero of the movement (it took a President it took a President it took a President). No, Hillary Clinton is not a racist, she is simply an elitist with a very low opinion of the people that will become her subjects if she happens to win the Presidential election. I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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  1. Phelps says:

    MLK was all the things that Hillary hates — a preacher, not a politician or government official, and cheated on his wife with chubby white girls.

  2. Pam says:


    Do you realy want to be a subject? I don’t. I feel that she thinks that all blacks owe her and Bill something. Black or white, we owe Hillery nothing. She has no right of passage. I will also do what I can to speak truth to power.

  3. Hillary always argues that the government knows better, does better, IS better than any one person or any one movement. She is a socialist whore.

  4. Anybody But clinton says:

    Please read this article and by all means pass it on! Clinton:THe Inauthentic Candidate

  5. R says:

    My interpretation of Hillary’s statement is that she wanted to play up her political experience but did so very badly and in a hard to decipher way.

    She’s no racist and she isn’t any more elitist than any of the other candidates. She just listened to the wrong pollster.

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