Fabulous Friday Pool Shooting

I was at the bar waiting for the pool shooting regulars when Mike Ryan showed up. Mike is one of the best players I know and he wanted to shoot a few games. I was like au-ight so I broke out the Lucasi I bought off of Kman when I lost my other stick. When I say I lost the other stick, I don’t mean in a bet, I mean I literally left it in a cab a couple months ago so I didn’t have it anymore. I didn’t even notice until I was going to shoot pool the next night and I called the cab company to no avail as they said nothing had been turned in. It was very disturbing because I had an emotional attachment to that stick (also a Lucasi) as it is the stick I bought on Camelback Road when I entered some pool tournaments last May.

But anyway here I was playing against Mike Ryan with this other Lucasi stick. It’s a better stick than the first one with a nice pro taper but the only thing is that I need to get the tip replaced. That and since I had the pokey thing in the other cue case that means I left that in the cab as well which means that I am now more apt to miscue. So I play Mike Ryan and I lose the first game. Then the second game I bear down and I run all seven of my balls then the 8 without missing once. It’s a table run and then I begin the next game with a successful break and I run six consecutive before I finally miss. Mike then follows up with his own table run and so I lose but in the grand scheme of things I didn’t do that bad as, counting those two games, I had a streak of 14 consecutive shots without a miss. Not bad for getting used to a new stick.

I end up getting all buzzed on beer and Tangueray and then, to cap off a perfect night, I get in the cab and the driver says “I’ve got something for you.” I’m really buzzed so I’m like “What?” and he says “I’ve got your pool stick.” This was so unreal I scarcely dared to believe this, lest I wake up to discover I’ve been dreaming. This guy had been driving around waiting to see me again so he could give me back my cue. He drives to the station and pops the trunk to his car and there is my magical Lucasi, safe and sound. He gives it to me and I open the side compartment and everything is there, the pokey thing, the scuffer, the 8-ball cloth, and my chalk. The best part of the deal is that that case has slots for two cue sticks so now I have both Lucasis in one case. I am great, pool is great, and the cab driver got a nice tip as I was very appreciative that he didn’t sell it. Oh yeah and Mike Ryan burst into tears* when I had that table run so that made my day as well. And THAT is the meaning of good Friday.

* lie

9 Responses to “Fabulous Friday Pool Shooting”

  1. Phelps says:

    Oh, so now that you got two pieces of wood you gonna start looking for fish and hustling some bread?

  2. mexi says:

    Well if you can think of some other way I’m going to cop some threads that are outta sight, I’m all ears.

  3. You ran all seven of your balls. You have seven balls?

    Heh heh heh…

    Ahem, I am impressed.

  4. mexigogue says:

    And to think I typed “pro taper” instead of “pro taper shaft” because I didn’t want anyone to make a penis reference and I also refrained from using the term “long stroke” or saying anything about the carpet. I can’t win for losing!

  5. mexigogue says:

    There’s also the phenomenon known as jawed balls.

  6. Vee says:

    I have to tell you about my pool “experiment” from this weekend. Let’s just say I got hit on by a guy with no top teeth and his friend sporting a mullet.

  7. mexi says:

    Well if it’s any consolation I once hooked up at the bar with a girl who had been banned from a local furniture store.

  8. Phelps says:

    Has anyone ever seen more than two jawed balls at one time?

  9. mexi says:

    Where’s Aidan when you need him??

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