Ricky Holland is Dead Again!!!

Just when you thought that Ricky Holland couldn’t get more dead, the Lansing State Journal comes out with yet another article about him. So the news today is that Ricky Holland is dead again!!! Jesus Christ, this kid dies more than I do when I’m all by myself on the Vertigo map on America’s Army. Thanks, Lansing State Journal, for keeping us up to the minute with the news. Clearly nothing of note happens in today’s world so we have to keep recycling stuff that happened in previous times. Hey, I have an idea: why not dig up Ricky’s skeleton and stick him on a mantle at the LSJ lobby? You can put a candle in his skull for effect because that would seem like the thing to do.

4 Responses to “Ricky Holland is Dead Again!!!”

  1. That Holland kid is paying for some writer’s kid’s Christmas presents

  2. mexi says:

    Let’s hope it’s a hammer.

  3. bobbie says:

    You mean you don’t see the real reason behind the series? It is to keep awareness to the public that DHS needs major cleaning up. Hoping that outrage can in some way help to bring about help for the other children in the system.

    You are sick, sick.

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