14-Year Old Dies for Near-Eastern Sky God


The story is here.

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  1. “He said doctors told him Wednesday evening that the boy, unconscious since Tuesday, had likely suffered brain damage.”

    I think the brain damage had kicked in well before Tuesday. So, the kid was OK with having poison injected into his veins (chemo), but was NOT OK with life-saving blood infusions? Because the blood was “dirty”. . . but the chemo wasn’t?

    Just trying to figure out this line of reasoning. Either way, it’s his body, so I guess he can do whatever the heck he wants. Jehovah’s Witnesses are weird. They came to my door the other day and I told them to go away.

  2. I’m all for free choice. If the kid wnated to die then let him die

  3. mexi says:

    I also am for free choice of religion. I’m just saying the Grim Reaper appreciates the dumbness.

  4. That all depends on if the grim reaper gets paid a flat rate or he gets paid by the job…

  5. mexi says:

    I always imagined that the reaping was it’s own reward.

  6. I wonder if he sings a cute little jingle when he reaps something like “Hi Ho the Merry O a reaping I will go?

  7. mexi says:

    If I was the Grim Reaper I’d sing TV jingles like The Facts of Life and The Love Boat.

  8. R says:

    I read this story this morning. Apparently the judge who issued the ruling said the kid understood the consequences of his actions. I imagine – and Phelps, help me out here – that the ruling would be predicated on whether or not the kid was determined to be mentally fit to make such a decision.

    But it doesn’t jive if that’s the case. How can somebody who believes a blood transfusion will make you “unclean” in the eyes of an invisible man in the clouds be deemed mentally fit?

    Sigh. Darwin Award material?

  9. R says:

    Awesome graphic, btw.

  10. mexi says:

    What I don’t understand is that person who isn’t old enough to sign a contract, join the military, drink a drink, or have consensual sex is deemed old enough to decide to immolate himself at the altar of his Imaginary Friend.

  11. Northe says:

    Cmon, sirs.. who cares what the reason is? You guys are busy counting the pee foam bubbles washing on shore rather than enjoying the ocean before you. There’s one less idiot either way you look at it. Be happy with that.

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