Mitt Romney Thinks Honesty is a Vice

CNN asks the question was Obama’s answer about drug use too honest? I thought it was a stupid question. If it’s one thing that set me against Bill Clinton it was the fact that he lied to us about fucking Monica Lewinski and I believe he lied when he said he didn’t inhale. I found Obama’s forthright admission of past drug use to be both politically astute and morally refreshing. The American public is willing to forgive past transgressions (in this case I mean that the transgression in the legal, not the moral sense) as long as people are up front. Apparently Mitt Romney disagrees:

If you ask Republican rival Mitt Romney, Obama’s comments were too honest.

“I think in order to leave the best possible example for our kids, we’re probably wisest not to talk about our own indiscretions in great detail,” Romney said.

Sooooo the example you want to set for our kids is to be a fact obscuring hypocrite? That’s all I need to know about Mitt Romney to know I will never vote for him. I have more concerns about a candidate who conceals the truth today than I do about a candidate who used drugs in the past. I don’t believe that falsifying reality is a virtue. I’m especially against lying (or committing any other offense) for the sake of the children. Knowing nothing else about the candidates I’d put Obama ahead of both Mitt Romney and above anybody with the surname Clinton.

Also, the gauntlet has been thrown down Hillary. What do you think about Bill’s bullshit didn’t inhale response today?

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  1. mexi says:

    Oh neat. You seem to have a lot of action going on there. I’ll blogroll it. What should I call it?

  2. Good question call it guy in the UNLV Jacket’s super sexy message board

  3. better yet guy in the UNLV Jacket’s #1 super sexy message board

  4. I’d rather an honest dude than a non-honest dude plus weed heads don’t really bother anybody

  5. Phelps says:

    Romney is made of fail.

  6. OK, Seriously? Did you see Mitt Romney in the CNN You Tube debate last night? HE SUCKED. I was so annoyed.

    But he looked nice and clean. Like Obama.

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