Political Grid

I’ve long held that the right/left dichotomy of American politics simply doesn’t hold up. I submit, for you examination, the first comment left by “R” on this blog on December 22, 2004:

What the shit? Is this some sort of conservative blog? Cuz it sure doesn’t fucking read like it.

No, it’s not a conservative blog, if by conservative you mean holding to the traditional ideals such as maintaining the status quo, the rich should remain rich and the poor should remain poor, the blacks should remain poor, the Mexicans should remain in Mexico, Americans should be predominantly Christian, sexual morality (including abortion) should be legislated, and drugs should be illegal. No, I do not hold to any of these concepts that are traditionally held to be viewed as conservative.

Neither do I hold to tenets of the liberal camp such as that government should provide a social safety net, the rich should be punished for their success and the poor should be exalted for their poorness, that race-based policies should be put into effect to correct the injustices of the past, that the government should be able to declare a minimum or a living wage, that the public should be compelled to fund abortion clinics, or that fart jokes are a sophisticated form of comedy. In fact the views of most people would be hard pressed to fit into a category of right/left and are sufficiently too complex to even place them anywhere along a continuum. I’m neither right, left, nor dead center. In this the paradigm fails.

Maybe a grid, maybe a sphere, but even a triangle would work better than a dichotomy. One point of the triangle could indicate collectivist socialism, the another point could be collectivist fascism, and the third point could be individualist. I don’t think there’s any such thing as an individualist socialist or an individualist fascist. Both fascism and socialism involve a mystical belief in the power of a group, which is of course antithetical to being an individualist. I’m open to different political thought paradigms. Any suggestions?

8 Responses to “Political Grid”

  1. mexi says:

    Sweet. It’s a diamond, but if I tilt my head it becomes a square. Eerie.

  2. mexi says:

    If anybody asks me if I’m right or left I can just say “up”.

  3. DGs World says:

    Holy Shit. I am a Libertarian
    . I had no idea.

  4. DGs World says:

    Although when you click on that crappin’ link I created with my vast knowledge of html or whatever the hell that stuff is called (and by vast, I mean NO knowledge) the quiz reverts back to centrist. Sorry. I actually scored Libertarian. Excuse me while I go clean teh crap out of my pants.

  5. Phelps says:

    Everybody scores libertarian on that quiz. That’s kinda the point.

  6. mexi says:

    Yeah, I scored uber Libertarian. Then out of curiousity I retook the test substituting my 1997 Taliban inspired answers and I came out Centrist.

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