People in the United States have the constitutional right to life. That means no one can legally take your life away from you without due process or without legal just cause (e.g., self-defense). The constitutional right to life does NOT mean that the government or private citizens have the duty to provide you with life or to provide you with the means to sustain it. It is for this reason that I object to government funded safe drug injection rooms. Sure they would save lives, but since when is it the People’s responsibility to save you from yourself? It’s not, and I therefore strenuously object to programs like these. Down with the nanny state, liberty and death should not be mutually exclusive.

I’m not saying this because I think it’s witty or because I want to be a big meany-head, I say this because America was founded on freedom. When these freedoms are usurped in the name of the drug addicts or the children or the homeless or any other such cause where the presence of victims is used to stamp out liberty, then the United States moves further away from being America and starts being something more like Venezuela (where the price of cigarettes and liquor recently went up due to punitive taxes, all in the name of the common good). Saving lives is pointless if the state in which you live is no longer free. Give me liberty or give me death, that should be the mantra of any ethical people on this planet. If you tell me that there are more important things in this world than liberty, I invite you to deliver yourself in shackles first before you doom us all.

And while we’re at it, any time Hugo Chavez is copying the United States with regard to vice tax, shouldn’t we take a second look at that the hell we’re doing?

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