What a Maroon!

If you will notice in the upper right hand corner of this blog I posted a maroon colored link called “Battling Amy Lee Fans”. This might be a little misleading because I am a fan of Amy Lee myself. I like her boobs, her singing voice, her haunting melodies, and her persona in the Evanescence videos. But what this is is that I posted a picture a while back of Amy Lee wearing what appear to be tube socks her her hands. I made an offhand comment about gothiness and suicide and behold, that post gets many hits day in and day out.

A handful of Amy Lee fans have taken issue with that post and have made some vain attempts at formulating rebuttals to my post. You will see it if you click it, I have not alterered the spelling or the grammar of their responses, they really were that bad. And just as an aside I checked the ip from those comments because at first I suspected that Phelps was spoofing but they were not from his area. Anyway check it out if you like.

4 Responses to “What a Maroon!”

  1. Phelps says:

    I always put my real email address on them. I’m too conceited to let someone else get credit for my insanity. Plus, I figure it works better if you are in on the bit. Like when Russ was talking about how Gavin let the suite tickets go to waste, and then he says, “I hate it when we make everything up and I still get twisted over it. I know it isn’t real and I still get pissed off.”

  2. mexi says:

    Yeah, the only thing that kind of made me suspicious though was the bad spelling and grammar on all three comments. It seemed too consistent to be from three different people, but with Amy Lee fans I think we might have hit upon an entirely new demographic for which spelling and syntax are all completely relative. Somehow I’m more frightened by the fact that it’s NOT a bit.

  3. Phelps says:

    Oh, yeah, go forum diving every once in a while. Once you get out of the geek zone and into “mainstream” forums, ideas like… uh… intelligence are foreign.

  4. DG's World says:

    Evanescence is one of the few bands from this decade that I actually love and listen to. The band Live is good too – but I’m just a suck-up because I got to meet them at a party last year. Apparently some of the band members are from my town. Whatever. Evanescence kicks everyone’s ass. I think that is HILARIOUS that those brainiacs didn’t like your post.

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