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July 2012

Protect Us from Ourselves

I’ve championed the ideas of individual rights and the ideas of the founding fathers for years. Many people in the media, however, are declaring that this latest shooting in Colorado is a wake-up call and something must be done to protect the populace now, Constitution be damned. I’m tired of repeating the same arguments all […]

Collective Credit and Blame

Piggybacking on this post by The Everlasting Phelps, I would like to add this. The concept that no one can claim credit because they were somehow in some form helped at some point is utterly offensive to anyone who has ever taken a risk and put in hard work to get where they are. This […]


Hey Mark Zuckerberg. Here is a good idea. How about on facebook when I’m searching for someone give me the ability to type /whitepeople so I can eliminate all the false hits when I’m looking for my friend Kristin. This would save me billions of hours on the net. Thanks.