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October 2009

Dumb News

Ice skating bear goes on a rampage killing a circus hand. My favorite part, though, is the following: “It is unclear what caused the bear to attack Potapov” Um, I ain’t no expert, but I’m thinking THE FACT THAT YOU PUT FUCKING ICESKATES ON HIM MIGHT HAVE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT!!!

Kanye West Death Rumors

I’m sure he’s not really dead but if he does die I’m going to go to his funeral and take the microphone away from the person giving the eulogy. I’ma like “Yo I’m gonna let you finish but Tony award winner Frankie Manning died this year too and he taught the Lindy Hop which is […]

Mi Hai Cua

I eat these noodles so you should too. Mmmmmm noodley! (No I wasn’t paid to post this, I just like these noodles)