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August 2009


How pissed do you have to be in a situation to kill the husband, the wife, and the cat too??? I must admit I’m impressed.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is gambling. When you buy health insurance (whether directly or indirectly as when your employer pays for health insurance for you) you are basically betting that you’re going to get sick. The insurance company is betting that you’re not and then you ante up. If the period of your coverage goes by and […]

Angela Davis, the Stupidest Person Who Ever Lived

Until a few days ago I had only a vague idea of who Angela Davis was or what she stood for. All I knew was that she was some sort of political activist from sometime around the Civil Rights era and I knew that her afro was one of the most salient things about her […]

Favre Join the Vikings!


Kristin mentioned books a little bit ago so, while I know I’ve done this before, it’s been I while so I wanted to mention 15 of the most personally influential book I have read. The are as follows (roughly in the order in which I read them): 1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X 2. Who […]

The Day that I was Abducted

It was November of 1998 and I was just leaving my home on the way to work. The Crackerbarrel was my weekend job where I would wrap holiday gift for customers in the gift shop section of the store. It was menial, low level work compared to my real job but it was easy enough […]

Confronting Bias

Back in the ’90s, Bob at work was telling me how he had discovered the writing of Walter Mosley when then President Bill Clinton had answered a reporter’s question on what books he was currently reading. The President had responded with the name of one of Mosley’s books and after that incident, the sales of […]

Beyond Reproach

Tiger Woods was one stroke behind on the 16th hole at the Bridgestone International and paired up with the leader Padraig Harrington. As always I was pulling for Tiger, who I regard as the greatest player to ever play the game. I figured the par five 16th hole to be Tiger’s best chance for catching […]

Just Walk Away

This story begins with an article I was reading in the Lansing State Journal online edition about a couple who was killed on the south side of Lansing. According to initial reports they died in an explosion when someone threw something through their front door but later reports indicated that autopsies were being performed to […]

Group Identity

World War II brought the conflagration of incompatible worldviews. In Nazi Germany, Adolf Hilter was convinced that the German people were destined for a climactic battle against the Slavic people of the east, who he regarded as both physical and morally inferior to the Germans. At the same time in the east, however, inspired by […]