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July 2009

Decriminalizing Marijuana

I have mixed feelings about California’s proposal to decriminalize weed. I don’t think there is a legitimate reason for cannabis to be illegal but I think this bill is being considered for all the wrong reasons. This is a desperation measure by the state of California in an attempt to prop up that thing that […]

A New Thought

No I don’t mean a new thought in the history of humankind, I mean something just occurred to me that I had personally never thought of before. One of the most common objections to the concept of evolutionary biology is the hostility to the possibility that personality traits, to some degree, might be innate rather […]

Socialized Health Care

I have avoided commenting on the new administration thus far because I didn’t want to make any rash judgments. Now, however, that I see the issue where this President is using all this political clout, the direction of this change is unmistakable. The obvious conclusion is this: Government control is going to do to health […]


Today at Judge Sotomayor confirmation hearings: “When your house is on fire and your life is in danger there are no time for do-overs.” – Frank Ricci (plaintiff in Ricci v DeStefano) I would have added to that, DIVERSITY DON’T PUT OUT YOUR HOUSE FIRE!

Civil Unrest in China

Ok so sue me and call me an idiot but I can’t possibly be the only person in the world who mis-heard and thought this story was about China cracking down on wiggers. I am totally seriously, that is almost exactly how I heard it pronounced on TV. Bleh. I read the story and it […]

Take THAT Fat Megan!!!

The judge in Fat Megan’s so-called cyber bullying trial has reversed a jury’s verdict and acquitted Lori Drew on computer fraud charges related to the suicide death of Fat Megan. As of the writing of this blog entry the judge’s decision is said to be tentative pending his written decision but I, for one, applaud […]