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December 2008

The Magic Negro Song Controversy

I avoided blogging about this because I had to get past the title and actually read the news articles on this one. Apparently a republican candidate for party chairman Chip Saltsman has been criticized for distributing a CD with a song entitled “Barack the Magic Negro” shortly after Barack Obama won the Presidential election. Saltsman […]

The Problem of Evil

About fifteen years ago I was browsing in my local public library when I picked up a book whose subject was the problem of evil. I thought it was a magnificent find as I imagined the book was going to deal with the monkey wrench that the existence of evil throws into the philosophical concept […]

BCS College Football Rankings

The big thing for me this week isn’t even the fact that the Oklahoma Sooners edged the University of Texas in the BCS rankings allowing the Sooners to play in the Big 12 Championship game even though Texas defeated them by 10 points this year. I understand why Oklahoma edged Texas in the BCS even […]